APIStrat Announces Keynotes for Boston 2016, Earlybird Tickets Closing Soon!

APIStrat Announces Keynotes for Boston 2016, Earlybird Tickets Closing Soon!

APIStrat Boston – under the direction of our 2016 Program Chair Lorinda Brandon – is already shaping up to be our best program ever. Our three days of workshops, keynotes, fireside chats and speaker sessions 2016 reflect the maturity and diversity of the API business and community today.

We are proud to announce appearing on our keynote stage:

  • Charles Ashley, Co-Founder and President of Cultivating Coders, a non-profit committed to encouraging a new generation of programmers from diverse backgrounds including tribal nations
  • Christine Mitchell, VP of Engineering, Digital Media and Emerging Technology Platforms at Discovery
  • Mark O’Neill, Research Director at Gartner, where he advises on APIs
  • Tyler Love, CTO at Bustle
  • Scott Feinberg, API Architect at The New York Times, and
  • Rob McCauley, Alexa Solutions Architect.

"Our keynote speakers all represent some of the greatest challenges and opportunities in the maturing API industry today”, says Lorinda Brandon. “Charles shows how the lack of diversity in tech is being tackled, Rob will share thoughts from Amazon’s voice-activated API which is at the forefront of a whole technical paradigm shift, and Christine, Tyler and Scott will discuss what it is like to work in major industries like media where APIs are the disruptive force that is fundamentally changing the landscape for everyone."

APIStrat remains a unique opportunity in the United States to bring together high profile speakers in both the API industry and from major organizations and business, and will highlight views from practitioners working at the frontiers of new tech approaches, to analysts like Mark O’Neill who have a depth and breadth of industry knowledge they can share. Last year at APIStrat 2015, Teresa Tung from Accenture shared practical examples from working with Industrial IoT on APIs while industry analyst Dion Hinchcliffe walked us through an epic analysis of the power and opportunities of APIs today. This year, with speakers like Christine, Scott and Mark, this theme of marrying practitioner views and analyst perspectives will be even greater.

Over seventy speakers will take the keynote and session stages at APIStrat Boston this year. While sessions will include key table stakes themes such as API Design and Developer Engagement, there will also be some new session themes that push the industry forward again. Emerging technologies, and full sessions devoted to security and APIs for non-technical users will be some of the new session topics that reflect where the industry and community is heading today.

Early bird registration is almost over, so book now to attend APIStrat Boston for the API industry calendar event of the year.