Alex Gurney

Principal Software Engineer, Comcast Cable


API reliability at scale with CodeBig
Session talk

Comcast services are delivered with the aid of hundreds of APIs, connecting our set-top boxes, mobile apps, websites, and many backend systems. We've built a common gateway layer for traffic management and authentication: CodeBig. We've learned many lessons about performance and scale on our way to supporting tens of millions of users and hundreds of millions of requests daily. We've also learned good ways to handle diversity in traffic patterns, transparency in operations, and self-service configuration for API owners. I'll show what we built, now a vital part of Comcast's technical platform, 18 months after taking its first production traffic.

Speaker Bio

Alex works on API security and operations at Comcast, and maintains a keen interest in other areas of security, network engineering, and programming. He has a doctorate in the mathematical analysis of Internet routing, and is always looking to put theory and practice together in useful ways, with the aim of building systems which are simple, maintainable, and serve the needs of their users.