Amber Fallon

Technical Sales Engineer, SmartBear Software


The Big Problem with the Big Picture
Session talk

APIs are BIG. Bigger than many of us, even those of us in the industry, may realize – in fact, the total number of public APIs has exploded from under 7,500 in 2012 to over 15,000 in 2015. Larger companies have larger API structures, with more dependencies and integrations than ever before, and that number is growing. Entire business models have formed around the APIs provided by some of the industry's heaviest hitters. Imagine app juggernauts like Uber or Waze functioning without Google Mapping technology, or the important relationship between Netflix and the underlying applications that power its video streaming – these applications are absolutely dependent on their underlying APIs. And, new applications dependent on public APIs crop up every single day.

With that scale come challenges like managing your public API in a way that will foster growth of dependent APIs, scaling up, maintaining your SLA, and allowing for the versatility of user created applications; your API may be used in ways you never envisioned. In this session, I'll address challenges like sandboxing at scale, aiding in end user integrations, and managing the infinite number of dependencies larger APIs may encounter.

Speaker Bio

Technical sales engineer. Software perfectionist. API Superhero.