Audrey Neveu

Developer Evangelist,


The end of polling: why and how to transform a REST API into a Data Streaming API.
Session talk

IoT & Mobile, User eXperience, Interactivity and RESTful APIs...those topics are big trends in development today. The last one brings fast adoption and reduced development costs but is in opposition with the three others needs. IoT & Mobile need low latency whereas UX and interactivity need real-time data to keep user interest alive. As a developer you need to poll APIs to provide these real-time information, with all the limitations that this involves. On the other side as an API provider, being massively polled can become an issue and you're probably looking for a more resilient solution to offer to your consumer. What if we can apply the "Hollywood principle" to REST APIs? Don't poll us, we will push you! And why not going further by reducing the amount of data to transfer? In this talk, we'll see together which technology you should opt for and how to implement them to turn your API into a Data Streaming API.

Speaker Bio

Audrey is Developer Evangelist at She's a passion driven developer with experience in both web frontend and backend development, specialised in APIs and BigData. Heavily involved in the European wide Java Community, she's part of Devoxx4Kids, a not-for-profit global initiative to get children coding.