David O'Neill

CEO, APImetrics


Measuring SLAs in a Cloud and API world
Session talk

Almost nobody offers an SLA in the world of the cloud or APIs – why is that? This talk explores the challenges of what a Service Level Agreement means in the world of a global cloud

  • How your choices in hosting and locations of customers impact performance
  • How measuring performance can be a very Heisenbergian concept, with the measurement you take affecting the results you get
  • How things are shifting and as more customers are paying for API access their requirements will go beyond just engineering performance and into how you can prove what you're getting

We'll provide some real world data on issues encountered with major APIs, how trends change over time, how different clouds impact things and generally give an overview of the challenges of determining what is 'good' in the world of cloud APIs.

Speaker Bio

Paper making machines, nuclear submarines, aircraft, rockets, WAP, mobile devices – a long track record working in a range of interests. Now focused on the challenge of quality in the API Economy and the Internet of Things.