Gareth Jones

API Architect, Microsoft


Hypermedia vs Graphs: Best buddies or the next API battleground?
Session talk

We all wonder if this is the year that hypermedia becomes mainstream? But coming up on the rails, there is a new challenger: Graph-shaped APIs that predefine a wide network of relationships promise some of the benefits of hypermedia APIs, but present a more familiar programming model. Will graphs push aside hypermedia before it's even had a chance, or will both styles play nicely? Is this trend a blocker to HATEOS nirvana or a stepping stone?

I'll challenge the audience to consider combining these two approaches to open the door to mainstream hypermedia use, enriching a fixed graph with dynamic data and behavior. Volatile data and logic can use hypermedia and more foundational data can use graph approaches. In this way we can add value and depth to our apps without the drastic rewrites we so often expect from the transition to hypermedia.

Speaker Bio

Gareth Jones is an API architect for the Microsoft Graph – leading the technical strategy for Microsoft's most strategic API, a unified endpoint for accessing data and insights from across Microsoft's portfolio of cloud services. He drives the rationalization and integration of diverse enterprise and consumer workloads across Microsoft's divisions into a coherent, federated whole that developers find delightful and easy to consume.

Previously he was the architect and designer for the OneNote API and before that, an architect in the Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management group, working on developer services and CodeLens. He is the inventor of T4 templating and co-creator of Microsoft DSL Tools.

In days past, he's worked on bespoke enterprise solutions, web services for small businesses before anyone actually used web services, and created the world's largest touch screen application to simulate a container ship's engine room.