Jarda Mooza Machaň

API Universal Soldier, Česká spořitelna - Erste Group Bank AG


Moving a dinosaur – OpenAPI in one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe
Session talk

As the biggest Czech bank it is a real challenge to introduce, evangelize and communicate the open API platform (https://developers.csas.cz/) to the public audience and to the bank itself at the same time. We're developing our own WebAPI platform for last 2,5 years, trying to set the standard in a wide community of developers as well as in the banking ecosystem. We're focusing on the developer's experience, bootstrapping new technologies like blockchain, homomorphic encryption and other crucial nowadays technologies. In short we're trying to turn the old traditional bank to a modern trendsetter one.

What is it like to introduce agile development into the IT house where waterfall is standard for last decades? To communicate with community through twitter not newspapers? To release the first open-source internet banking in the world? We have many great stories behind our effort in making our bank an open, transparent public institution. We would really be happy to share it with you!

Speaker Bio

For last two years, I've been fighting for the open API in one of the oldest Europe banks. I'm trying to move a dinosaur in a time. To introduce bank 3.0 to people.