John Feminella

Advisor, Pivotal


API Design for Microservice Architectures
Session talk

Microservices are a much-vaunted architectural strategy for decomposing applications – there's a lot of value to be had when they're done right. But if they work so well, why do they often seem tough to pull off? In this talk, we'll explore the key aspects of microservice API design:

  • Deciding if it's appropriate to move to microservices to begin with
  • Transitioning monolith APIs to microservices through structural decomposition
  • Strategies for deciding how to set up boundaries between microservices
  • Deciding when to combine multiple requests into one and when to split them apart
  • Microservice API antipatterns that are traps for the unwary

Speaker Bio

John Feminella is an avid technologist, occasional public speaker, and curiosity advocate. At Pivotal he works on helping enterprises transform the way they write, operate, and deploy software. He's also the cofounder of a tiny analytics monitoring and reporting startup named UpHex.

John lives in Charlottesville, VA and likes meta-jokes, milkshakes, and referring to himself in the third person in speaker bios.