Ken Wronkiewicz

Technical Leader, Cisco


Effortless microservices running in production with Kubernetes
Session talk

With the Amazon API Gateway and Amazon Lambda, you can run a complete simple microservice in the cloud with no operations. But what if you are running a custom database or a sophisticated set of workflow services? Can you run that with as-close-to-NoOps-as-possible?

In this presentation, Ken Wronkiewicz will demonstrate how to run an entire stack (from database to load balancer) inside of Kubernetes using the newly merged Ingress resources as an API gateway, how persistent storage works and which database engines best fit into the Kubernetes environment, and how to go from nothing to a chaos-monkey-ready self-healing infrastructure in weeks.

Speaker Bio

Ken is a Technical Leader at Cisco working with cloud infrastructure. Previously, Ken managed the Rackspace Cloud AutoScale product. Before that he worked on monitoring and high-performance stock market data feeds.