Mandy Whaley

Director of Developer Experience & Evangelism, Cisco


How to train your API: Experiences from the wilderness and back again
Session talk

How do you design APIs in the context of lots of smart, divergent ideas? How do you do this when hardware is involved? In this talk we will share some of the methods and practices we are using and some of the lessons learned from the from the battle tested Cisco DevNet team.

Speaker Bio

Amanda Whaley is Director of Developer Experience and Developer Evangelism for Cisco DevNet. She spends most of her time thinking about how developers use Cisco APIs, and about how to make their job easier. She also leads a team of developer evangelists who work with Cisco partners and developers in many technology areas including IoT, Collaboration, and Software Defined Networking.

Amanda has a background in application development and engineering, and she is interested in all things that help developers build cool stuff, tools, APIs, docs, frameworks.