Marc Cuva



Your Documentation Is Your UX
Session talk

As APIs are becoming more widespread and used by an increasing number of people from non-technical backgrounds, documentation needs to evolve. When trying to use an API instead of consulting a long website with just paragraphs of text, documentation will need to be more tailored to the reader. How technical a user is, which technologies they are using to interact with an API, and how much they've used it in the past should all affect the documentation they are viewing. Being able to include API keys in code samples, adjust examples based on if a user is using Ruby, Node, etc. and showing relevant documentation after they encounter an error are all examples of how documentation can adapt to provide the most utility. Documentation is the user experience for the API, so it needs to be a first class citizen.

Speaker Bio

Marc dropped out of the University of Minnesota to help build the future of documentation. He now lives happily in San Francisco with his two kittens.