Matt Bernier

Developer Experience Product Manager, SendGrid


The Desire for Perfection vs. Reality
Session talk

We all want perfectly intuitive and amazing APIs that people look at and know how to use, documentation that changes lives, and API libraries that write the code for our customers. We would also love to have that yesterday. The reality is that there's never enough time, the team isn't big enough, some languages don't do [super sexy feature], and docs don't change lives. There have to be concessions. We found ways to innovate within reality and selectively chose our concessions in order to provide better features and functionality to our customers with a relatively small team.

Speaker Bio

Matt is a father, husband, gardener, and pretends to be a carpenter in his garage on the weekends. Matt spends his time at SendGrid trying to solve big problems for the SendGrid developer community, hopefully making jobs easier through Open Source, docs, and managing the SendGrid API.

Fun fact: Matt once licked a 300yr old table and rode a rollercoaster off The Great Wall of China in the same week.