Melissa Jurkoic

Product Strategist, Services Platform, Amadeus Hospitality


How I got the CTO to pay for Open APIs
Session talk

Companies have been integrating their systems internally and externally via APIs for many years. APIs are not new, but the idea of them being openly accessible and available to be discovered by someone without your permission is indeed new for companies. Our company had dealt with integrating with partners for over 20 years, but these were necessary due to customer demand, not seen as an opportunity to increase our reach or revenue for that matter.

In order to convince C-level executives that there is an opportunity worth investing in, it is sometimes necessary to charge forward and create the outcome you need them to see. Using the experiences through this journey from integration to opportunity, this talk will explain how we achieved justification for an entire development team to be dedicated to deliver our future API strategy.

Speaker Bio

Melissa Jurkoic is currently the Product Strategist for the Amadeus Hospitality Web Services platform at Amadeus Hospitality. Focused on the launch of their cloud and API strategy, she defines the vision and roadmap.

With over two decades’ experience as a technologist, her mix of technical savvy and business strategy is unique for a former software engineer. Melissa’s fusion of technology and conversational techniques connect with both technical and business audiences to lead strategic initiatives to the best outcomes.

Melissa earned her BS CS from the University of New Hampshire. She also holds an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Extremely passionate about the decline of women in STEM, she volunteers with a NH Higher Technical Council committee to educate and encourage women and girls to pursue careers in technology. Melissa has always lived in the Northeast and now makes her home in Newmarket, New Hampshire with her family.