Neha Abrol

Software Engineer, McGraw-Hill Education


Flying Dreams: Real-Time Communication from the Edge of Space

Creating flexible, resilient access to real-time sensor data can be challenging – especially when your device targets can literally disappear off the face of the Earth! See how groups of students and instructors are using the goMake API to talk with high-altitude balloon telemetry as it skirts the edge of the stratosphere, and the design considerations involved in making this a scalable platform for project-based STEM learning that aims to instill a sense of wonder.

Speaker Bio

Neha is a software engineer at McGraw-Hill Education. She likes to call herself a Javascript-o-holic and is currently honing her REST API building skills both at work and on a side project that teaches students to build and launch high-altitude balloons. She also facilitates web development and Android courses at Boston University, where she got her Master's degree.