Nicolas Grenié

Hacker-in-Residence, 3scale


The bot revolution and its consequences for APIs
Session talk

Chat bots are invading our daily life. For example, your company is using Slack for team collaboration, and have installed dedicated bot to automate scrum meetings. You can also directly request a Uber ride from Facebook Messenger talking to a robot.Most of the chat and messaging applications have now open APIs to build chat bots on their system. Slack itself just launched an “app directory” and have put $80M aside to invest in the bot business. Those applications come create new interface which imply new way of consuming API.How could you be part of the bot revolution as a company? How should you change your API to make it more bot-ready? Which tools you should use? In this talk we will cover the different aspects of bot building using APIs, the recommended tools as well as best practices for API designers.

Speaker Bio

Nicolas is a Hacker in Residence at 3scale living between Barcelona and San Francisco. Nicolas built his first website in 2000 using Microsoft Word, and since them did not stop learning about programming. This "API freak" likes to try new languages and APIs all the time. He has built many integrations for Slack or Amazon Echo. He runs many meetups in Barcelona around APIs, Meteor and Entrepreneurship.

When not working you have a good chance to find him hacking on side projects or enjoying a good craft beer. And of course, as he is French, frog and snails are part of his daily diet!