Patrick Poulin

CEO, API Fortress


Why Aren't We Testing APIs? Seriously. It Is Every Company's Dirty Little Secret.
Session talk

In 1991 desktop websites really blew up and 13 years later in 2004 an automated testing solution named Selenium was built. Mobile apps became huge with the iPhone in 2008, and only 4 years later in 2012 we had Appnium. APIs have been around for longer, but the tipping point was around 2009. Therefore, why is it six years later and there is no Selenium for APIs? Worse than that, why isn't this viewed as a bigger deal?!

I will discuss crazy stories from my life of API failures. Ever had an accounting team tell you there was no revenue for 24hrs, and that was because of a typo in the API? I have. Testing isn't fun but if you know the tools that are available, and know how significant an issue like an inaccurate API can be, then you will find the time to make it work. Let's laugh at some failures, realize how easy the fixes could be, and finally make API testing part of continuous integration testing.

Speaker Bio

Patrick grew up doing construction, but dedicated his free time to learning about computers. He no longer wears a toolbelt, but still uses a hammer when frustrated. Now his focus is on making sure APIs are tested as thoroughly as we test websites and apps.