Pavel Veller

CTO, Digital Engagement Practice, EPAM Systems


Building Smarter Apps with Cognitive APIs
Session talk

In a very short timeframe IBM, Microsoft, Google, and others have released a very comparable sets of Cognitive APIs: Vision, Speech, Language, Data Insights, Recommendations, and more. In this technical talk I will compare cognitive API offerings, highlight differences in implementation and capabilities, dive into the details of pre-trained APIs vs. trainable-models-as-a-service, and finally showcase using cognitive APIs to build a conversational e-Commerce product recommendation chat bot.

Speaker Bio

Web Developer and Technologist. I have been building things for the web since the late 90s using Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript and everything in between. Digital architect and a CTO by day and an avid learner by night. My interests of late include deep learning and Elixir.