Randy Westergren

Senior software developer, XDA Developers


Securing the Things: APIs in the IoT Era
Session talk

The explosion of IoT has brought numerous changes to the way we use technology. From massive enterprises to the individual consumer, improvements in convenience and automation of most aspects of our lives has seen dramatic progress – yet security continues to be an ongoing concern in the software and devices we've all grown to depend on. The talk will focus on examining the protocols used in popular IoT devices, including how each operates in the wild, the inherent security concerns during design, as well as real world examples of practical attacks against them.

Speaker Bio

I'm currently a Senior Software Developer at XDA Developers, based in Media, PA, where I'm involved in all things technical, including maintaining current software and engineering new concepts. Before entering the development world, I was a Systems Engineer specializing in bringing server virtualization to SMBs. When not at work, I'm usually doing security research, out for a run, or working on DIY projects around the house.