Sandeep Dinesh

Developer Advocate, Google Cloud


Microservices: gRPC or REST? Why not both?
Session talk

Building APIs for microservices can be a challenge. They have to be well designed, easily understandable, and highly performant. The tried and true platform for modern APIs is JSON/REST, but the ridiculous demands that a microservices architecture places on the network and API stack has made many of us look to new open source technologies such as HTTP/2, Protobuf, and gRPC. With features like bi-directional streaming and binary compression, gRPC is an great choice for microservice deployments. However, migrating to new technologies can be a challenge, especially in a microservices world. They lack the robust tooling and ecosystems provided by JSON/REST, and the other microservices may depend on it, make moving to a pure gRPC implementation difficult.

In this talk, I'll show you how you can build a gRPC endpoint that can intelligently serve gRPC over HTTP/2 while simultaneously serving JSON/REST over HTTP/1.1 on the same port! Then, I'll walk through some benchmarks and best practices for deploying these microservices in a scalable way.

Speaker Bio

Sandeep started coding and creating websites when he was 12 and hasn't stopped. He is passionate about building easy-to-use products people love. Before Google, he founded an IoT startup in agriculture and developed educational HTML5 games.

At Google, Sandeep's goal is to make cloud easy and help developers create the next big thing. Sandeep loves video games, making music, and martial arts, and has Bachelors in Marketing and Computer Science.