Shelby Switzer

Software Engineer, Healthify


APIs, Spreadsheets, and Drinking Fountains: Using Open Data in Real Life
Session talk

Governments across the globe are increasingly trying to make their data open to the public – particularly, to developers and social entrepreneurs. This data is ripe for the taking, but only if you''re willing to work for it. Drawing on stories from communities across the US and the world, this talk dives into what organizations are doing well, where they fall short, and what you can do about it. We will cover good design for open data APIs and portals as well as tools that help improve the open data user experience. From the perspective of API providers and consumers alike, this talk presents key techniques for taking open data to the next level: making this data not only available, but usable.

Speaker Bio

Software engineer, public speaker, and veteran nomad, Shelby has dedicated herself to community work and civic hacking across four continents. She is obsessed with APIs and hypermedia, and has led API design, development, and consumption projects in a variety of industries, from citizen engagement to the Internet of Things.

She currently builds web applications at Healthify, a software company bridging the gap between healthcare and community services.