Steve Rice

API Captain, PagerDuty


API, Re-invented: How to Ship a Major New API Version Without Losing Your Mind (Or Your Developers)
Session talk

The only thing harder than writing a new API is updating one that already exists. Learn about our real-world experience at PagerDuty designing, developing, releasing, and evangelizing a new version of our REST API with thousands of existing customers and a large developer community at stake. We'll cover what worked, what didn't, and what we learned about versioning, adoption, deprecation, documentation, developer experience, frameworks, tooling, customer impact, and more while bringing a 5-year-old, complex API at the core of our product up to date. No minds were lost (at least, not completely) in the making of this talk.

Speaker Bio

Steve is a product-focused engineer who finds software an irresistible weapon for rattling the status quo. He currently leads the charge for PagerDuty platform greatness.