Tyler Singletary

Platform and API Contrarian,


How To Kill Your API Program
Session talk

In this talk we'll walk through the simple steps to kill your API program, and, without as much irony, discuss the reasons you might actually want to do just that.

  • Don't treat your API like a product with a lifecycle
  • lean on sales tactics too early
  • don't lean on sales tactics
  • don't build sample code
  • market only to developers
  • don't do account management and evangelism

Speaker Bio

Tyler has 18+ years of experience across technology, from law firms to startups. Prior to joining Lithium, he led Data Strategy & Developer Relations at Klout. He is a board member of the Big Boulder Initiative, a social data trade organization, and is a recognized writer and speaker on data & API ethics and strategy. On Twitter, he’s @harmophone.