REST API Workshop

Hosted by:


Mike Stowe
Developer Relations, MuleSoft


Building a REST API is easy, but building an API that is designed to last – well that's another story. In this workshop we’ll cover everything needed to design and build an API that is flexible enough to evolve over time, including design best practices, a dive into hypermedia (and the specs out there), and a look at community tools designed to make the entire process (this includes testing and documentation) more efficient.

Each participant will also receive a complimentary copy of "Undisturbed REST," the book we'll use during this workshop.

Format and pre-requisites:

This will be a lecture-style workshop with time reserved for Q&A at the end.

We recommend that you bring a laptop with Chrome browser installed in order to follow along with the workshop.

Additional reference:

Undisturbed REST (digital version)

RAML tutorial and additional projects can be found at

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