Workshop: How to craft a successful API Strategy

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Manfred Bortenschlager
API Market Development Director, 3scale by Red Hat


APIs are powerful but, for many teams, very new.

A strategy for APIs needs to cover many areas, which is complex. Definition and execution of an API strategy involves many roles and teams (not just tech anymore). Many teams don't know how to leverage the benefits of APIs and craft an API strategy.

In this workshop we will discuss a general intro to API Economy and winning API Strategies in this economy. We will introduce several models, tools, practical checklists and discuss concrete API program Do's and Dont's.

Topics covered will include:

  • Business drivers for APIs and API management
  • API strategy models and methodology
  • Case study examples from real-life teams
  • Best practices of successful API teams
  • Discussion of practical checklists

This workshop will be a mix of presentation content, discussion, and hands-on activities.

Additional reference:

The API Owner's Manual

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